Professional Level X-Ray Devices

X-ray devices, which are considered one of the most important technological developments in medicine, are used very popularly in our country as well as in many different parts of the world. These x-ray products are produced and offered for sale by many different institutions and organizations.

First Class Quality X-Ray Device Products

The Anod Technology brand, which stands out with its professional level x-ray device products, is preferred as one of the most preferred organizations in the sector in question.

Broad Content and Exclusive Product Portfolio

You can directly access the rich content and wide product range of Anod Technology company via website.

Company name: Anod Teknoloji A.Ş.

GSM: +90 541 290 30 70

Office Phone: +90 312 222 23 11


Address: Batı Sitesi Mahallesi 2306 Caddesi No: 75 Yenimahalle / Ankara